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The market leader

Nova Trading is the unquestionable market leader. The company is the leading distributor of stainless steel and aluminum metallurgical products in Europe.

Nova Trading has a hi-tech machine park used for the pretreatment of products, making the service center the biggest in this part of Europe. The company offers: cutting coils into sheets and strips, grinding and brushing of coils and sheets, PE plastic coating of sheets, grinding and mirror polishing of round tubes and bars, grinding and mirror polishing of square and rectangular tubes.

Nova Trading, along with its sister company Nova Metale and the distribution company Nova Trading France, forms a business group.

As part of the collaboration between Nova Trading and Nova Metale in 2023, the manufacturing division MCM / METAL COMPONENTS MANUFACTURER was established, specializing in the production of components and finished products from stainless steel and aluminum for the industry. MCM offers services such as 2D laser cutting of sheets, 3D laser cutting of open profiles, round, square and rectangular tubes, sheet bending, deburring, welding, and more.

Nova Trading is the company of global reach, effective logistics, customer oriented approach and offering products of the highest quality.

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Production facilities

For many years Nova Trading  makes a consequent policy of continous improvement. The company launches new products and expands the machine park with new production lines, devices etc.  The result of the aforementioned actions is building the most modern service center in Europe, dedicated to pretreatment of stainless steel and aluminium metallurgical products. 

The supplement of Nova Trading offer is Nova Metale manufacturing capacity. The company, launched in 2019 in the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone in Ostaszewo, is a hi-tech production facility equipped with storage systems and production lines integrated into one system, according to the 4.0 Industry Concept. 

In 2023, within the group, a unit named MCM / METAL COMPONENTS MANUFACTURER was established, specializing in the production of components and finished products made of stainless steel and aluminum for the industry. For more information, please visit: https://mcm.ntsa.pl/en/home/

Nova Trading offers the following processing services:


Nova Trading company is a global player on the stainless steel and aluminum market. The products offered by the business group (Nova Trading, Nova Metale and Nova Trading France) come from the leading producers from around the world.


Nova Trading is a globally operating company

Our Logistics Department makes every effort to insure an effecient transportation of stainless steel and aluminum materials from European, Asian and African producers straight to Nova Trading and Nova Metale manufacturing centers in Poland and, after processing, the delivery of ready components to clients in Poland and abroad.

Nova Trading is the key link in stainless steel and aluminum supply chain for industry in Poland and almost 30 European countries.


Nova Trading offers high quality products

The products offered by Nova Trading come from the leading producers from around the world. All of the materials come with test certificates, and most of the producers are ISO certified.

Nova Trading has extensive experience in choosing the best producers who offer the best quality of products, according to customers’ requirements.

  • Reliable, ISO certified business partner

    Since 1997 Nova Trading has a quality management system based on ISO 9000 standard. Currently, it has been renewed by Det Norske Veritas Poland.

    From the very beginning of its existence the company gives priority to reliability of service. „Zero tolerance for errors” is our motto.  As a result, the storage and packaging service standards are one of the highest in Europe, as each and every shipment is carefully examined.

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  • „A” category supplier

    Nova Trading holds an „A” category supplier title, that is awarded by many clients. The title means a high-quality products’ delivery, low complaint rate throuhout a longterm cooperation and the highest industry work standards.

Other certificates

  • Respect for the natural environment

    Feeling responsible for the natural environment and its limited resources, Nova Trading has implemented an environmental management system. We are among the few companies operating in our industry which hold an ISO 14001:2015 certificate. All the processes taking place within the company are controlled with regard to their impact on the surroundings. Our requirements limiting the negative influence on the natural environment are stricter than legal regulations.

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  • Nova Trading – an AEO certificate holder

    In April 2012 Nova Trading was awarded an AEO certificate (Authorised Economic Operator) by customs authorities. Having been audited for several weeks by the Customs Chamber and having confirmed its compliance with customs requirements and safety standards as well as its financial solvency and proper management of commercial records, customs authorities found Nova Trading to be a reliable company. 

    The status of an Authorised Economic Operator requires the company to share some of the responsibility for the safety of external borders of the European Union. In exchange, Authorised Economic Operators enjoy some privileges in the sphere of customs operations, which includes prioritizing their customs declarations, reduced number of inspections of documents, specially designated AEO service areas at individual locations of customs authorities, etc.

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  • High quality of welding

    In 2022, we successfully passed the certification process of the Welding Department for compliance with PN-EN ISO 3834-2 - Quality requirements for welding metal materials - Part 2: Full quality requirements and Factory Production Control for compliance with EN 1090-1 - Assessment rules compliance of structural elements.
    The certification process was carried out by TÜV SÜD and confirmed that the requirements specified in the above standards were met.
    Certification of the Factory Production Control confirms the internal control of the production process as well as the supervision of the quality and safety level of the manufactured products.

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Customer benefits within the offer


Price competitiveness is our priority. We put strong emphasis on making value for money balance most beneficial for the client.

  • stainless steel and aluminium materials of the highest quality confirmed by test certificates,
  • wide selection of goods, available ex stock - a variety in terms of kinds of steel materials (sheets, plates, coils, tubes, bars, profiles, flat bars, fittings etc.), steel grades, surfaces  etc.,
  • fast order picking, 
  • wide range of manufacturing possibilities - cutting, grinding, brushing, coating, welding, shearing etc. - modern machine park,
  • possibility of preparing stainless steel and aluminum components for specific customer needs - product personalisation,
  • quality control on each step of order implementation,
  • fast implementation of orders,
  • industry-leading packaging standards,
  • efficient transport,
  • option to provide deliveries in a „just-in-time” system,
  • professional service in each company department, including potential complaints,
  • orientation on customer needs and long-term cooperation.


"We help to make the world a better place by popularizing the use of unique materials of stainless steel and aluminium."

  • Products

    We supply metallurgical products made of stainless steel and aluminium.

    Stainless steel gives the possibility to maintain hygiene at the highest level, which in many cases makes it the only material certified for use in food industry, catering, and medical industry. The equipment made of stainless steel is distinguished by a long operating life.

    Aluminium, owing to its properties such as plasticity, density, and mechanical properties, finds numerous applications in automotive industry, aviation industry, packaging production, and building industry. 

    Due to their decorative value, stainless steel and aluminium provide artists and architects with inspiration. They are environment friendly and fully recyclable materials.

  • Production

    We are a business partner supplying customized metallurgical products, cut to specific dimensions and surface-worked. The Nova Trading Service Centre is equipped with modern stock of machine tools etc. Our priority is to constantly improve our processes in order to ensure the highest standard of customer service.

  • Management

    We operate relying on management methods specified in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. We aim at constant organization development in order to accommodate the changing needs and expectations of our business partners. We see our competitive advantage in fast and on-time deliveries as well as in a comprehensive range of products on offer. It is our goal to achieve the highest quality and meet the requirements imposed by customers, legal regulations, and technical standards, and at the same time maintain the highest effectiveness.

  • Environment

    Pursuing the corporate responsibility concept, we are mindful of the natural environment and comply with various requirements in this sphere. We improve our operations in terms of waste management, pollution control, and consumption of raw materials and energy.

  • Team

    We strive to develop both our skills and ourselves by improving our level of education and expanding our knowledge of the industry. We create friendly and motivating working environment by promoting innovation and commitment to the issues and matters related to customers, company, and personnel. Taking care of the personnel, we make efforts to constantly improve the standard of safety and hygiene of work as well as the compliance with legal requirements applicable in this area.

  • Local community

    We take pride in our activities supporting various cultural, educational and sport initiatives in the region.

Policies adopted by Nova Trading

Code of Ethics

Nova Trading has implemented the Code of Ethics to emphasize the fact that the company:

  • follows not only the law, but also ethical standards,

  • treats business partners with respect,

  • applies  principles of fair competition,

  • builds internal trust and good relations between employees,

  • fights with pathologies and fraud,

  • is committed to helping different organizations, institutions etc,.


We apply the highest standards in the execution of tax vision ensuring correct and on-time realization od duties imposed by law.

Tax Strategy 2021



Nova Trading executes the idea of responsible business - it’s our choice to develop the Company on the basis of sustainable development strategy. We are covinced that only responsible and honest business provides a basis for continued company’s progress, enviromental protection and social development.

CSR Reports are available upon request : marketing@ntsa.pl

Description of the company activities regarding the responsibility towards:



Nova Band

Nova Band exists since 2013. What brought together the members working in different departments of Nova Trading  was the shared passion for blues and rock.

First concerts of Nova Band took place in 2015. The band performed during the event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Company and opening of the new branch office in  Jaworzno, the family picnic for employees and in „Lizard King” music club in Torun. Since then, a lot has happened - Nova Band regularly attended the World Music Day held by Torunska Agenda Kulturalna. The band gave a performance at a branch conference during Innovations-Technologies-Machines Fair in Poznan/Poland and „Stainless” Trade Fair in Brno/ The Czech Republic. Nova Band played on stages of many famous music clubs in Warsaw, Gdansk, Katowice and Wroclaw. In 2020 the band released its own album (!).

Feel invited to visit the website of Nova Band, where you can find pictures and videos from the concerts, actions for fans, relations from the events, etc. Nova Band also runs its Facebook profile and You Tube channel..



Nova Trading encourages its employees to pursue the idea of active free time by the following actions: