Responsibility towards EMPLOYEES

Work environment

Nova Trading abides by the rules of law which regulate the „employer-employee” relations. Apart from various activities connected with meeting legal obligations towards the personnel, the Company has introduced a variety of additional practices aimed at creating a friendly work environment ranging from good work conditions and care for interpersonal relations to a friendly atmosphere at work. The achievement of the company is an organizational culture built on honesty, respect, kindness and trust.

A considerable benefit for the company is a low rotation of its qualified employees. As a result, we are able to retain in the Company the most talented of our Staff, thus increasing their sense of security and loyalty towards the Company and enhancing their commitment to work. Nova Trading is perceived on the labour market as a good, reliable and desirable employer. The average lenght of service is 10 years.

Care for working conditions

Nova Trading provides its employees with very good working conditions in the modern office, production and storage space. Employees have at their disposal the latest technology that allows to perform tasks in a professional manner. The company uses the latest technical solutions  to streamline the processes, eliminate mistakes, apply creative solutions etc.

Employees use social rooms with comfy kitchen facilities. Production and warehouse workers have also cloakrooms and showers at their disposal.


Working environment is a crucial factor influencing the efficiency of employees and their satisfaction with well-done tasks. Therefore, the company makes every effort to ensure each workplace with proper equipment and to meet the OHS and fire protection requirements.

The aim of the company is constant raising of safety standards, enforcing modern security systems and organizational solutions through upgrading office and warehouse spaces, endowing workplaces according to modern standards etc.

Nova Trading conducts training courses on health and safety at work for all employees. Trainings combine theory and practice supported by accidents analysis. Employees are informed about risks occuring on  given positions and they are reffered for preliminary and periodic medical examinations.

Apart from occupational trainings, OSH specialists employed in Nova Trading organize fire drills, conduct light and noise intensity measurements on different workplaces, equip production and warehouse workers with individual protection securing sight and hearing, and direct employees for specific trainings (e.g. operation of cranes, forklifts etc.).

There is a practice of the first aid training organization for the designated employees. The Company is equipped with 3 defibrillators- one is in the head office and other two in Jaworzno and Warsaw.

Nova Trading conducts OSH trainings for temporary workers and for the companies constantly cooperating.



The Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is implemented in Nova Trading. All employees of the company are informed about the benefits of ethical business conduct and about the basic ethical principles applicable in Nova Trading.

The company's Code of Ethics is available on the Nova Trading website, on the Intranet and in the form of a printed brochure. Information about the ethical principles applicable in our company is provided to new employees during induction training.


Whistleblower - REPORT A VIOLATION

In 2022, the website was launched, thanks to which all persons, including primarily company employees, can report observed violations of law, irregularities, etc. in the functioning of Nova Trading. In addition to the form on the above-mentioned website, other ways of reporting violations are also provided.
An appropriate procedure has also been implemented.

Resources management

As a part of an open access computer system, employees can check the availability of various resources such as company cars, conference rooms, etc.

For several years, the company has been operating an Employee Portal - an online platform where employees register their absences, apply for vacation, business trips, have access to information about their salary, paid contributions, etc.

Company introduced electronic working time system- employees record the start and the end of work on special devices using cards. In this way, paper attendance lists were eliminated and the safety was improved (the access to particular rooms only available to employees and the registered guests).

The Company Intranet site is another platform used for in-house knowledge management.

The common platform saves time and limits the flow of paper document. Consequently, the solution helped to improve the flow of information in the above spheres.


Intranet- a website for internal usage of employees, functions in Nova Trading since 2000. Intranet combines informational, educational and social functions.

The intranet side provides information about:

  • industry-relevant knowledge (articles, training materials,tables etc.),
  • ISO documents,
  • Health and Safety regulations,
  • current record of contact data to all Nova Trading employees and all cooperating companies,
  • exchange rates, alloy additions, freight of goods, etc.
  • business presentation, Nova Tarding advertising films etc.

Intranet allows a quick access to forms and applications that are valid in the company. In this way, the time for searching information is reduced and there is no need of assistance of other people.

In the intranet employees can search for photos of corporate events (company parties, trainings), information concerning actual contests, charity actions, availability of tickets for concerts etc. Thanks to the Intranet employees have a possibility to integrate and build good relations.

Intranet is updated on a regular basis. 20 employees from different departments are involved in editorial work. The marketing and the IT departments administrate the website.


System of information monitors in Nova Trading warehouses and offices

Since 2021, a system of monitors has been operating in Nova Trading warehouses and offices, on which current information about the company's life is broadcast. Monitors, as a new information medium, are intended to improve communication in the company.

Training system

Each new employee is covered by a system of compulsory (required by law) internal trainings in areas such as workstand training, health and safety training, etc. Office personnel attends additional trainings concerning the areas covered by various Nova Trading departments so they can have a better view at the Company as a whole, know procedures and responsibilities of individual staff members, obtain knowledge about the range of products and services on offer, are familiar with market situation, etc. During the  introductory trainings, new employees also have an opportunity to meet the Board of Directors of the Company.

Long-serving Nova Trading employees attend external trainings in the areas related to their duties. Such trainings are held depending on the current needs.

The Company puts great emphasis on training of workers in the field of  specialized knowledge  in the area of stainless steel and  aluminium- its grade, physical and chemical properties etc.

Nova Trading also holds trainings on health and safety for temporary employees and for all cooperating companies. What’s more, first aid training is given to a number of selected employees.


Coaching – an offer for company employees

For several years, Nova Trading employees have had the opportunity to take advantage of coaching sessions, thanks to which they learn how they can improve relations in the company, how to manage their own development, how to solve problems, effectively implement personal and professional plans, etc. Participation in the meetings is free of charge. All employees, regardless of their position, can participate in them.


Employee education subsidies

Nova Trading fully or partially covers the costs of education undertaken by its employees. Each application for subsidies in this area is examined individually. One criterion taken into consideration is the close relation between the field of education and the range of duties / the nature of work performed by the applicant. The company provides employees with access to the professional magazines and expert literature. It also subscribes specialist journals according to the requirements of each department.


Traineeship and training periods at Nova Trading

The Company assists pupils and students in gaining knowledge and skills useful for their future professional career.

Traineeship and training periods are organised at the Purchase Department, the Marketing Department, the Logistics Department, the Sales Department, and the Administration Department.

The first step one needs to make to start a traineeship or a training period at Nova Trading is submitting a CV and a cover letter to the Human Resources Department or directly to the Head of a given department. Trainees are accepted depending on the current needs of the Company, both during holidays and school / academic term. Apart from performing some assigned tasks, trainees are also trained in the specific field of their department.


Transporting employees to work

One of the conveniences used by Nova Trading employees at the headquarters in Toruń is commuting to work by transport provided by the company. There are two bus lines. Buses transport employees to the office building and to the Service Center for the first, second and third shift.

Balance between professional and private life

Nova Trading supports its employees in keeping a healthy balance between their professional and private lives.

Employees  can plan their spare time thanks to the following factors:

  • regular working hours,
  • a company bus (for employees working in the head office in Torun, on every shift)
  • processes management,
  • production planning,
  • work trips planning, etc.

As concerns qualified employees who are away from work for an extended period of time on a sick leave, maternity leave, unpaid leave, etc., the Company arranges a replacement for the term of their absence and ensures a safe return to work.

Nova Trading is not indifferent to personal problems of its employees and if a member of the staff has difficulties caused by an illness or an unpleasant accident, the company provides emergency support, among others, from a social fund.



Mother-friendly Nova Trading

The Company has developed and maintained a management procedure to be followed during a mother’s absence (scheduled replacements, method of information exchange and communication during maternity leave, regular updates and current information about the situation at work, etc.). As a result the fear of employment loss has been greatly reduced. Such approach gives the company one major benefit, namely the possibility of keeping qualified women employees who are no longer forced to choose between career and private life.

Common celebration

There are severeal events that are celebrated every year- St. Nicholas Day, Fat Thursday, Women’s Day and Boy’s Day. We also celebrate going into retirement of each employee or 25th jubilee of work in our company.

Common celebration supports departments integration, creates good working atmosphere and helps to get to know each other from the private side.


Charity events

For many years, Nova Trading has been organizing charity campaigns in which employees are actively involved - collections of money, toys, clothes for children, blood donation campaigns for the sick, etc. are organized. Most often, their initiators are the employees themselves, who are not indifferent to the needs of others.

Nova Trading cares for employees’s children

For several years „Nova Trading Children’s Gallery” project is implemented. Each month  there is an exhibition of the works of art of one child. At the end, the author receives prizes and a certificate confirming the exhibition. Children have opportunity to take part in cyclical art contests organized by the company.

Preparations of packages for Christmas is the Company’s tradition.

From 2023, it is possible to co-finance organized summer holidays for employees' children from the company's Social Fund.

Nova Band

Nova Band exists since 2013.  The band is composed of Nova Trading employees who share passion for blues and rock. The costs related to concerts preparation (room and equipment rental) are covered by Nova Trading.

So far, Nova Band performed at the opening of a new branch office in Jaworzno, during integration parties, trade fairs for clients and, for a broader audience, at the World Music Day held by Toruńska Agenda Kulturalna. The band gave a performance at a branch conference during Innovations-Technologies-Machines Fair in Poznan/Poland and „Stainless” Trade Fair in Brno/The Czech Republic. Nova Band played on stages of many famous music clubs in Warsaw, Gdansk, Katowice and Wroclaw. In 2020 the band released its own album (!).

„After hours”

Supporting employees’ activity

Many Nova Trading employees have interesting hobbies such as photography, running, cycling, mountain climbing etc. Their achievements are an inspiration for others. On the Intranet side employees can share their hobbies, achievements, travel photos etc.

Nova Trading encourages its personnel to pursue the idea of active free time by the following actions:


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