Responsibility towards environment

The environmentally friendly aspect of the increasingly widespread use of stainless steel in industry and everyday applications has been given particular prominence by Nova Trading in its newly adopted “Policy – Company’s Mission” (the document is available online). The Company’s environmental protection activities are controlled by the responsible department and during internal and external audits (DNV Poland). So far, the Company did not receive any complaints concerning its  products and activities related to environmental protection.

Green product

Whenever possible (during trainings for employees / customers, etc.) we emphasise that one of the advantages of the products we provide is their environmentally friendly character – stainless steel is certified for use in production of facilities having contact with food and water and is a completely environment- and human-friendly material.

Using stainless steel, we avoid the necessity of applying paints and other anticorrosive coatings which are environmentally harmful (emission of harmful substances into atmosphere while drying).

Stainless steel finds application in various environmental facilities and systems such as sewage-treatment plants, filter and catalytic converter production processes, etc.

Long life of stainless steel products saves energy by reducing and limiting production processes; such is the case with stainless steel exhaust silencers, which can be used without maintenance throughout the vehicle’s life, while silencers made of other materials need to be replaced on a number of occasions during the same time.

Stainless steel can be recycled easily (scrap material is remelted). The processing of stainless steel scrap is economically viable, technically verified and actually implemented. Each stainless steel item includes approximately 85% of recycled material.

The Company promotes its services in cutting of non-standard stainless steel and aluminium sheets pointing out to customers the advantage of absence of scarp material and a lower price for the form fitting perfectly further down the production process.

Care for the environment

Supervise all processes within the Company with regard to their impact on the environment, to keep records of waste disposal management, to cooperate with recycling companies, etc.

Nova Trading, as one of the few, holds a certificate confirming implementation of the environmental management system according to standard ISO 14001:2015- both in Service Center and in Company’s branches.

The company ensures that products delivered to customers meet all requirements of applicable laws and international standards (REACH, ROHS, PFAS FREE, CALIFORNIA Prop 65, etc.). We collaborate with suppliers who enable us to fulfill this commitment.

At each stage of production activities, the Nova Trading Service Centre controls and reduces the impact on the environment through the following measures:

  • use of state-of-the-art solutions in production lines which are to prevent environmental pollution (e.g. air filtration system in sheet and coil grinding machines, coolant filtration system in pipe and section grinding/polishing lines, etc.),
  • reducing the amount of stainless steel and aluminium waste,
  • usage of the damaged material-  Quality Department tries to use the damaged material by requalifying it to a lower quality material or allocate it for another use,
  • segregation, recycling and management of production waste in cooperation with the companies authorized to waste collection,
  • recovery of paper packaging and plastic,
  • reworking of wood pallets into non-standard sizes- wood waste reduction, 
  • the impovement of pallet returns to the client, reusability of the damaged pallets.

Our pro-ecological activities

Nova Trading Service Center owns a treatment plant for rainwater and surface water coming from its area. The clarified water is subjected to cyclic tests.

The Company invests in thermal insulation of its objects leading to energy and fuel savings. In each object a modern design solutions for gates and entrance doors have been applied to maximize the tightness and energy conservation. The Company uses modern heaters and low-emission boilers powered by natural gas to heat the production facilities. These devices are systematically serviced, and the gas consumption is regulated and optimally adjusted to the outside temperaturę.

The Company selects low CO2 emission vechicles as company cars. There are a few hybrid cars used by employees. Moreover, Nova Trading gradually replaces gas driven forklifts with electrical ones.

The Company’s owned vechicles undergo regular checks of technical condition,engine oil services and tyre changes in Authorised Service Stations. These actions affect an optimal usage of each car and, as a result,  reduction of environmental pollution.

Transportation Logistics is also based on environmental assumtions. Each route is planned with maximum usage of load capacity which minimizes fuel consumption.

As concerns office work in the company, Nova Trading employees limit printing by using an electronic system for transfer of information and documents (e.g. Electronic Invoice Flow) and double-sided printing. Additionally, electronic attendence lists, e-delegations or e-surveys  have been introduced to limit the use of paper. Defective electronic equipment, fluorescent lamps, used toners and batteries are handed over to recycling companies for processing. The generated waste is sorted.



CBAM - Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

In 2023, Nova Trading established the CBAM Team responsible for implementing appropriate procedures within the company in connection with the introduction of mandatory carbon tariffs by the EU from 2024 for importers of steel and aluminum. The team consists of representatives from the Logistics Department, Purchasing, Quality and Environmental Protection, Accounting, etc.


ECO Business Certificate

The Nova Trading branch in Silesia has been receiving certificates from the local electricity supplier, TAURON, since 2022, confirming that the electricity supplied to our Silesian branch comes entirely from renewable sources. We strive to ensure that our operations have the smallest possible impact on the natural environment.


Own apiary

In 2022, the company established its own apiary on the premises of Nova Metale. Four bee families are looked after by the Toruń Pszczelarium Foundation.

Bearing in mind the importance of bees in the ecosystem, we have also engaged in educating the public on this topic. Thanks to cooperation with the Foundation, we organized beekeeping workshops for Nova Trading employees and their families, during which all interested parties had the opportunity to learn about issues related to bees, hive care, etc.




Several years ago, Nova Trading, as a supplier to many international corporations, underwent an assessment by the EcoVadis rating agency in the field of corporate social responsibility.

The assessment covers a range of CSR issues divided into four areas:
• Environmental: waste, water, energy, pollution, chemicals, biodiversity;
• Social: training, discrimination, harassment, diversity, human rights compliance, OHS, working conditions, social dialogue;
• Ethical: corruption, bribery, anti-competitive practices, responsible information management;
• Supply chain: supervision of supplier social and environmental issues

Our company ranks among the top 35% of businesses with the highest rating.




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