Always on time

Responsibility towards customers and contractors

Nova Trading provides its customers with opportunities for optimisation of storage costs and minimisation of capital investment in production facilities (just-in-time deliveries) by offering    wide range of mill products available directly from the warehouse as well as efficient logistics and frequent shipments of goods to predetermined and fixed destinations The Company becomes not only a supplier but a permanent and reliable link in the chain of supplies.

The customers of Nova Trading have stated that the greatest assets of the Company included its reliability, punctuality, diligence and a sense of responsibility. All this is possible due to good communication along the network including the Purchase Department, the Sales Department, the Service Centre, the Warehouse, the Logistics Department and freight forwarders cooperating with Nova Trading.

Widening the scope of services and materials

For many years Nova Trading consequently implements a service center development strategy- widening of the scope of service and availability of materials. Today, the Company invests in the purchase of production lines and increasing warehouse area. Thanks to new devices Nova Tarding may offer a full service- delivery of ready elements in a shorter time and on more favorable terms.

Nova Trading still develops the production quality that is perfomed on the existing units- new line elements are mounted to get better grinded surface, reduce waste etc





In 2023, based on the production capabilities of Nova Trading and Nova Metale, MCM / METAL COMPONENTS MANUFACTURER was established - a division specializing in the production of components and finished products from stainless steel and aluminum for various industries.

MCM offers: laser cutting of stainless steel and aluminum sheets, laser cutting of long products - round, square and rectangular tubes, open profiles etc., edge deburring, sheet bending, and welding.

MCM acts as a subcontractor for many manufacturing companies from various industries. It produces components and finished products from stainless steel and aluminum for companies in industries such as transportation, energy, telecommunications, food, agriculture, construction, interior finishing, etc.


Technological solutions for clients and suppliers

Nova Trading is contantly searching for new technological solutions that will affect the increasing of the customer service level. Improving the production process, storing, goods dispatching.

The company has introduced the „DC Awizo” system that directs the movement at the dropoff. The application allows suppliers to notify a „time window” for unloading gate which speeds up the process of  distributing the material.

For several years the Company uses a system of bar codes according to the international GS1 standard. The GS1 standards allow free and safe flow of products, services and information. They also guarantee effective exchange of goods and datas between companies. The final result of using the system is closer cooperation between the company’s partners and improving the competitiveness regarding the chain supply by the improvement of  the „paperless” trading proces.

B2B online platform

In 2018 the „B2B” online platform was created. The platfrom allows a remote sales supported by a „Business-to-Business” model. The chosen clients have an immediate insight into the current commercial offer which shortens the ordering and delivering process. Each year more innovations and modules are implemented.



In 2021, an electronic invoice circulation system was launched. On the Nova Trading website there is an e-invoice tab, through which customers express their willingness to receive electronic invoices from Nova Trading. Also, companies cooperating with Nova Trading can (after completing the necessary formalities) send e-invoices issued to our company to the e-mail address provided.

Customer dialogue

Nova Trading operates an electronic system of client’s satisfaction. A specially prepared website contains a questionnaire which may be accessed by the chosen clients. Each year, the level of satisfaction on european markets is investigated.  Customers are interviewed about their opinions on the quality of the products on offer, products availability, professionalism of services, complaints handling procedure, etc. The survey outcomes are presented to the Board of Directors, the management, and a group of employees so as to eliminate the shortcomings indicated by the customers.


Nova Trading introduced information leaflets for delivery vechicle drivers. The brochure contains information concerning safety rules on the storage area and reminders about  using the helmets and safety vests.  Specially designed COVID -19 instructions concerning obligation to disifect hands and wearing face masks are placed in visible places. 

Before entering service center visitors are obliged to familiarize with OHS instructions  for clients and guests. Instructions show the most important risks and rules in storage facilities and production areas.

The key role of the Quality Department

Nova Trading department of Quality is composed of well-qualified and highly experienced specialists. The department is responsible for the implementation of the best quality of products and service by controlling the material at each stage- from taking it to storage, by evaluation of usefulness, ending with releasing it for sale. The low complaint index proves how important the quality is for Nova Trading.

Educating the market

Nova Trading takes measures to increase the market capacity hindered by inadequate knowledge, lack of experience and poor access to information.

Having established an information base on its website and distributing printed trade materials published by various branch institutions, the Company educates the general public on stainless steel and aluminium.

As a member of the Stowarzyszenie Stal Nierdzewna* (Stainless Steel Association) and the Polish Aluminum Association, Nova Trading financially supports the organisations in their activities focused on promotion of stainless steel and education of the market. The Company co-finances free trade trainings, the Internet site, the SSN stands at various fairs and conferences as well as publishing of specialist manuals and booklets.

As a result of all these activities, knowledge of stainless steel and its products is more widespread and customers have a better understanding of how to work with this specific material. The long-term consequences of such approach include growth of sales, increased number of customers, and improved cooperation and communication with business partners.

Activity in trade circles

Nova Trading is actively involved in the trade it deals in. The objective of the involvement is to further develop the market and to bring mutual benefits for all companies distributing stainless steel in Poland. An illustration of the active involvement of the company in the stainless steel industry is the participation of the Directors of the company in various trade seminars as lecturers during which they share their view about the current market situation, point out business obstacles and suggest various remedies to overcome trade difficulties. 

Moreover, various representatives of the company frequently appear in the media as experts on stainless steel market (press and Internet articles).

Nova Trading is also an active member of the Stowarzyszenie Stal Nierdzewna* (SSN). The regular cooperation with this body consists in providing reports on prices of some products as well as presenting the stance of the company with regard to various issues and problems.


Collaboration with research and scientific centers

Nova Trading collaborates with research and scientific units, such as the Institute of Logistics and Warehousing.
Nova Trading is also a member of the Social Business Council of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, which consists of several dynamically operating companies and institutions. As part of our cooperation with the SBC, we share knowledge and experience in enterprise management and assist in implementing initiatives within the university environment.


Relations with Contractors

Cooperation with contractors enables everyday business operations of Nova Trading. We appreciate the contribution of our Partners in the Company’s development. When making purchases, we try to find a steady, reliable source of supply. We are focused on a long-term cooperation. 

*Nova Trading is the member of Stainless Steel Association (SSN) that has been created in 2012. The SSN is focused on promoting stainless steel, conducting training and publishing activities, consulting services in the field of stainless steel use, representing the industry in the forum- reviewing, inspiring the economic environment. For more information visit:


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