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Waterjet cutting


Waterjet cutting

Nova Trading has installed a waterjet – a machine for cutting sheet metal with a jet of water.

Bystronic Byjet Flex with an Ultra Plus pump has the following parameters:


  • Material thickness: 2-250 mm
  • 6 x 3 m table
  • Two CNC heads
  • 6200 Bar pump
  • Additional drilling tool


Advantages of the cutter:

  • A broad range of thickness processed
  • Two CNC heads improving cutting efficiency when producing large product batches.
    The Bystronic cutting heads are distinguished by high cutting accuracy and high repeatability (even after nozzle change)
  • A high production capacity owing to a powerful pump designed to work with a pressure of up to 6200 Bar. The Bystronic pump provides for high cutting quality even on very thick plates (up to 250 mm).
  • A stable cutter construction ensuring high cutting precision at high speeds – the total weight of the cutter ready for operation loaded with a plate is over 70 tons. The cutting bridge is equipped with drivers on both sides. It reduces vibrations and improves cutting quality.
  • An option to mount a 3D head


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