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Nova Trading has expanded its range of services to include welding of stainless steel and aluminium. In January 2020 a Welding Department was launched in the Service Centre in Toruń. Taking advantage of the fact that the company can already cut and bend sheet, it will now be also able to offer welding of the produced elements.

Nova Trading uses the following methods in stainless steel and aluminium welding (PN-EN ISO 4063):

  • 131 – MIG
  • 135 - MAG
  • 141 - TIG

The maximum thickness of the welded material is 25 mm.

The specialization narrowed to welding of stainless steel and aluminium only is crucial for the protection of those materials against corrosion (no contact with black steel). Furthermore, due to the fact that it is often necessary to maintain aesthetic qualities of the final products made of these materials, the personnel make efforts to meet the expectations of the most demanding of customers concerning the appearance of welded joints and material surface.

The welding services offer is addressed to manufacturing companies operating in areas such as building industry, food industry, chemical industry, pulp and paper industry, environmental protection, energy production and transportation industry.

The quality of welding in products and constructions is of critical importance for human safety so it needs to be warranted and ensured by quality control after welding and also by the use of reliable and tested welding processes and conditions. Additionally, it is necessary to ensure proper quality of the construction materials, suitable stock of machinery and tools and high qualifications of the welding operatives.

In Nova Trading the welding process is supervised by personnel holding IWE qualifications with considerable experience in area of welded constructions. The welders are highly skilled and certified according to PN EN ISO 9606-1, 9606-2 standards. The products are subject to measurement control according to PN-EN ISO 13920 standard (general tolerances for welded constructions), whereas the welded joints are subject to non-destructive testing in accordance with PN-EN ISO 5817 and PN-EN ISO 10042 standards with the use of VT and PT methods.

Nova Trading welding equipment

TPSi equipment for welding using 131/135 methods

Magic Wave device for welding using 141 method

Welding benches with tooling

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