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Nova Trading encourages its personnel to pursue the idea of active free time. The incentivizing measures include the following:

Multisport Card

The company offers partial financing for the purchase of Multisport cards giving access to the best sports facilities across Poland. With the card the personnel can use services including fitness training, body building gyms, swimming pools, ice rinks, climbing walls, dancing courses, martial arts, etc.


At the end of 2014, the employees came up with an initiative to start an internal company volleyball league. This created an opportunity for the personnel to visit a gymnasium rented especially for this purpose once w week.

Runners Club

In June 2015, a runners club was started named “Stale biegam” [“I run constantly”]. Everyone who decides to join the club receives financial support to cover the participation fees for individual races as well as special jerseys with the “Stale biegam” logo.

The last year events in which the club members took part included: Run Toruń, Terenowa Masakra run [Terrain Massacre], Nocna Dycha Kopernikańska run [Copernicus Tenner by Night] and Festiwal Biegowy Świętych Mikołajów [Santa Claus Run].

Cycling Club

In October 2017, Nova Trading employees came up with an initiative to start a cycling club “Zakręceni na stale” [“Still Turning”]. The club members get partial financial support for the costs of participation in races.

Nova Trading football representation

In November 2017, for the first time ever in the history of the company, a team representing Nova Trading took part in the branch “STEEL CUP” tournament held in Opole.

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