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Policy / mission


Policy / mission


We help to make the world a better place

by popularizing the use of unique materials

of stainless steel and aluminium.





We supply metallurgical products made of stainless steel and aluminium.

Stainless steel gives the possibility to maintain hygiene at the highest level, which in many cases makes it the only material certified for use in food industry, catering, and medical industry. The equipment made of stainless steel is distinguished by a long operating life.

Aluminium, owing to its properties such as plasticity, density, and mechanical properties, finds numerous applications in automotive industry, aviation industry, packaging production, and building industry.

Due to their decorative value, stainless steel and aluminium provide artists and architects with inspiration.

They are environment friendly and fully recyclable materials.



We are a business partner supplying customized metallurgical products, cut to specific dimensions and surface-worked. The Nova Trading Service Centre is equipped with modern stock of machine tools. Our priority is to constantly improve our processes in order to ensure the highest standard of customer service.



We operate relying on management methods specified in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. We aim at constant organization development in order to accommodate the changing needs and expectations of our business partners. We see our competitive advantage in fast and on-time deliveries as well as in a comprehensive range of products on offer. It is our goal to achieve the highest quality and meet the requirements imposed by customers, legal regulations, and technical standards, and at the same time maintain the highest effectiveness.



Pursuing the corporate responsibility concept, we are mindful of the natural environment and comply with various requirements in this sphere. We improve our operations in terms of waste management, pollution control, and consumption of raw materials and energy. Particular emphasis is placed on reducing the amount of waste generated and managing it in the best possible way.



We strive to develop both our skills and ourselves by improving our level of education and expanding our knowledge of the industry. We create friendly and motivating working environment by promoting innovation and commitment to the issues and matters related to customers, company, and personnel. Taking care of the personnel, we make efforts to constantly improve the standard of safety and hygiene of work as well as the compliance with legal requirements applicable in this area.



We take pride in our activities supporting various cultural initiatives in the region.



                                                            NOVA TRADING S.A. Management and Staff


Toruń, date 04.10.2019

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