Policy / mission


Policy / mission


We help to make the world a better place 
through distribution and promotion of the unique material of stainless steel in everyday life and industry.


We supply stainless steel. Due to its qualities, the material is considered very durable, whereas the devices and equipment incorporating it are distinguished by long life. 
Stainless steel is a guarantee of the highest hygiene standards, which is of considerable significance in food industry, catering equipment industry or the field of medicine.
Its aesthetic value makes it suitable for decorative applications improving and smartening up the surroundings. It is a source of inspiration for artists and architects.


Stainless steel is an environmentally friendly product for a number of reasons:
-  its long life saves energy by reducing and limiting production processes; such is the case with stainless steel exhaust silencers, which can be used without maintenance throughout the vehicle’s life, while silencers made of other materials need several replacements during the same time;
-  stainless steel surface essentially requires no further anticorrosive protection based on environmentally harmful paints and chemicals; 
-  it is a fully recyclable material – stainless steel production processes a considerable proportion of stainless scrap;
- it finds application in various environmental facilities and systems such as sewage-treatment plants, filter and catalytic converter production processes, etc.


Our aim is to constantly improve our organization in order to adjust to changing needs and expectations of our business partners. Consequently, we have established and continue to develop a service centre equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and facilities. Our objective is to achieve high quality standards, satisfy customer requirements, comply with legal regulations and technical norms, while maintaining and growing work efficiency. We believe that our competitive advantage lies in speed and accuracy of operational processes and abundance of our offer. 


Through self-development and expansion of our knowledge about the industry, we constantly strive for growth and  improvement of  our skills. We reward innovative ideas and commitment, hence creating personnel-friendly environment with numerous incentives. 
Implementing the idea Corporate Social Responsibility, we look after the environment and support culture and sport in the region.



Helping to create a better tomorrow.

NOVA TRADING SA Management and Staff


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