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Laser cutting 2D


Laser cutting 2D

Laser Cutting

Our Service Centre is equipped with 3 modern 2D laser cutting machines – Trumpf TruLaser 3030 New and 5030 Fiber. 
If you decide to use our laser sheet cutting services, you will:

• reduce manufacturing costs by purchasing ready-made items (no scrap material)
• obtain items of the highest quality

We also provide deburring, i.e. removing sharp elements on the edges of the details. The purpose of deburring is - firstly: removing chips, unevenness, etc. from the surface, which improves the aesthetics of the elements made, and secondly: ensuring safety against damage to hands or other parts of the body during material processing.

Cutting equipment parameters:

• work table dimensions: 1500 x 3000 mm
• stainless steel cutting 0.4-16 mm and aluminium 0.8-10 mm
• cutting precision - EN ISO 9013

For estimates and in case of queries contact our Export Department.

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