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Nova Band

Nova Band has existed since 2013. What brought together the members of the band – who work in different departments of Nova Trading – was the shared passion for blues and rock.

The first concerts of Nova Band took place in 2015 – the band performed the concert during the event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the company and opening of the new branch office of Nova Trading in  Jaworzno, during the family Picnic for employees of the company and in the music club Lizard King in Toruń.

Since 2016, Nova Band has regularly attended the World Music Day held by Toruńska Agenda Kulturalna. In 2017, the band gave a performance at a branch conference during the Innovations-Technologies-Machines Fair in Poznań.

Feel invited to visit the website of Nova Band, where we post pictures and videos from the concerts, actions for fans, relations from events, etc. Nova Band also has its Facebook profile and its You Tube channel.

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