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Nova Trading was established by two colleagues from school. Nova Trading started its business as one of the first companies dealing only with stainless steel on the Polish market.


February 1992

The first import transaction - 10 tons of stainless steel material from Finland sold in one day…



The first computer system for servicing selling was introduced, then it was developed in 1997. In June 2005 the company started to work with the most modern and best computer systems available.



The first machine for PCV coating of sheets and plates was introduced – nowadays there are five such machines working in the company.



The first branches of the company were opened in Warsaw and Katowice.



The Company moved to a new seat and it has had its headquarters there till now. This time also a new warehouse was bought.



Nova Trading’s branch in Katowice was moved to a new seat and the first warehouse in the Silesia region was opened.


October 1997

Sales Office in Gdansk was opened. In just a few years from being established, the Company has become the biggest stainless steel stockholder on the Polish market, with the leader position in the field of turnover, sales, and storage area.



The first stainless steel stockholder with ISO 9002 TUV certificate.



New warehouse in Sosnowiec was bought.



The first export transaction.


September 2000

Installation of the first grinding and mirror polishing line for round tubes and bars. Since that moment range of services and working machines has been constantly developing.


December 2000 – June 2001

The second warehouse in Torun was built. Nowadays long products are stored in it.


November 2002

Nova Trading widened its stock program of aluminum products.


April – August 2003

The new warehouse dedicated for a new grinding line for sheets and plates was opened.


October 2003

The grinding line for round tubes and bars in Sosnowiec was developed with two new mirror polishing stations, which increased the capacity.


November 2003

Aiming to complete the services to long products, the line for polishing square and rectangular tubes was installed.


February 2004

Nova Trading obtained certificate for establishing and applying a quality system according to ISO 9001:2000.


September 2004

Transformation from a registered partnership into a joint stock company


January – September 2005

Building a new distribution center (the new warehouse of 9,500 square maters under the roof has increased the storage area of 65%). The cut to length line, for cutting coils into sheets, has been the first such an investment in Poland and the most technologically advanced and modern in Europe.


April 2005

Nova Trading (for the first time!) among "500 Biggest Poilsh Companies" - a list prepared by "Rzeczpospolita" and "Polityka" magazines


June 2005

Installation of the second line for grinding and mirror polishing round tubes in Sosnowiec


8 December 2005

The official opening of the new Service Centre in Torun and setting up the cut to length line


June 2007

Installation of a new (third) tube polishing & mirror polishing machine in Torun which will improve the maximum diameter capacity up to 220 mm


May - October 2007

Development of service center in Torun – arrangements before the installation of a slitting machine


February 2008

Installation of the slitting line


April 2008

Nova Trading entered the Czech market


August 2008

Nova Trading opened a branch Office in Bremgarten, Switzerland


April 2009

Installation of a new line for grinding and brushing of coils


March 2010

2D laser cutting machine installation – Trumpf TruLaser 3030 New.


June 2011

Nova Trading with an ISO 14001 certificate (DNV) confirmining environmental management system implemented by the company.


October 2011

Opening of a new trade office in Sankt Petersburg - Nova Trading Russia.

February 2012

Launching of the second laser (Trumpf Trulaser 5030 Fiber).

March 2012

Nova Trading awarded an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certificate by customs authorities.


June 2012

Installation of the second CTL line for cutting coils into sheets.


February 2013

Installation of a shear for cutting non-standard sheets and flat bars.


March 2013

Nova Trading opened an office in Prague in the Czech Republic.


June 2014

Opening of a new trade office in Lodz / Poland.


January 2015

Bending of sheets - new Nova Trading service



February 2015

A new Nova Trading logistic centre opened in Jaworzno / Poland

Since 16 February 2015, the customers of Nova Trading from southern Poland and from the countries of Central Europe are provided with services at a new logistic centre in Jaworzno. A new warehouse and office facilities have been constructed there in 11 Rozwojowa Street within the area of the Jaworzno Industrial Park. As a result, the current company branches in Sosnowiec and Katowice, both warehouses and offices, have been moved to the new location. Only production facilities for grinding and polishing of square and rectangular tubes still remain in Sosnowiec.

The shape of the newly constructed building astonishes with a form which is very unusual for industrial facilities. Even before its official commissioning, the logistic centre was nominated as a candidate for the Polish Investment of the Year. 



March 2015

Waterjet - a new service has been launched at the Nova Trading Service Center in Toruń


October 2015

Launching of a new line for grinding and polishing square and rectangular tubes and flat bars (Surface Engineering)

November 2017

Nova Metale, a sister company, is established to run production operations in a new servicing centre to be created within the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone

September 2018

The construction is started of Nova Metale service center in Ostaszewo

September 2018

Launching of the third laser (Trumpf Trulaser 5030 Fiber).

December 2019

Start of production in Nova Metale

Location: Ostaszewo near Torun, Pomeranian Special Economic Zone
Warehouse area: 21,000 m2
CAPEX: 25 mln Euro

January 2020

Welding - a new service offered by Nova Trading

December 2020

Modernization of the line for grinding and brushing coils. Installation of IMEAS grinding and brushing sections.

May 2021

Launch of a new press brake and laser cutter

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