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Stainless steel - ecological product


Stainless steel - ecological product

Stainless steel is certified for use in the production of devices which have contact with food and water, this material is people- and environmentally friendly. By using stainless steel we avoid the necessity of using paints and other anticorrosive protection which are not environmentally neutral. Stainless steel is used in devices and systems protecting the environment, e.g. sewage treatment plants, the production of filters, catalysts, etc. Long life cycle of the products made of stainless steel enables the power save connected with the reduction of production processes, e.g. a silencer made of stainless steel may serve for the whole car exploitation period, while the same silencer made of other materials must be replaced several times within the same period of time. Stainless steel can be recycled easily (the scrap material is melted again). The processing of stainless steel scrap material is economically remunerative, technically verified and actually implemented. Each item made of stainless steel includes approximately 60% of the recovery material.


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