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Stainless steel workshop for students of architecture in Poland


Stainless steel workshop for students of architecture in Poland

The stainless steel workshop for students of architecture took place in the Forum mall in Gliwice (Poland) on October 12 and 13. The main aim of "Stainless - and you can…” event was to present the huge potential of stainless steel applications in the architecture and building sector, and to interest young architects in this material.

The Polish Stainless Steel Association (SSN) was an initiator and organizer of the workshop in cooperation with students of the scientific circle of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. The event was attended by 16 students divided into three groups leaded by university lecturers and architects (Jerzy Wojewódka, Tomasz Wagner and Adam Myczkowski). A variety of stainless steel elements (flats with different finishes, bars, pipes, steel scrap, laser cut-offs, remains after machining), as well as all necessary tools and technical support were offered to participants. Their imagination and creativity was the only limit.

The workshop was preceded by a short introduction about stainless steel, the way of working and safety given by SSN President – Jan Myczkowski. During the workshop the biggest achievements of stainless world architecture were being presented using ISSF materials.

The participants created three projects under significant titles: "Architecture of the Future", "Modern Architect" and "Window on Architecture". In addition, there were also a few free projects done within some extra time.

“I have enjoyed stainless !!!” said one participant. “I have never thought that stainless is so plastic and easy to work. It is great to have such a possibilities at the workshop: to touch, form and create concept. We had a lot of fun. Now I am keen on stainless.”

We were all delighted to hear of our success in the event.

Their creations will be exhibited to the public until 18 December 2015 in the Forum.

It was a successful promotional event for stainless which attracted the young generation of architects and presented its opportunities to the general public in a shopping environment.

Nova Trading was a sponsor of this event.

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