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Bending of sheets - new Nova Trading service


Bending of sheets - new Nova Trading service


Since January 2015 Nova Trading offers a new service – stainless steel and aluminium sheet metal bending.
LVD Press Brake has been commissioned in the Nova Trading Service Centre in Toruń.

New device features the following parameters:

  • 220 tons pressing force
  • Bending of stainless steel and aluminium sheets with thickness up to 8 mm*
  • Working length 3050 mm
  • 8-axis CNC positioning
  • Laser bend angle measurement
  • Table camber compensation CNC crowning
  • High quality machine tooling for stainless steel/aluminium sheets

 *available depth thickness depends on overall workpiece dimensions


 The advantage of our machine over competition:

  • High accuracy and repeatability of manufactured parts
  • High efficiency with high device operation speed and Cadman Touch software to reduce quantity of data entered by the operator and reduce programming time
  • Short production preparation time of components using patented LVD laser bend angle measurement Easy Laser Form. Easy Laser Form measures bend angle in real-time using a laser beam. It guarantees correct bending starting from the first component to reduce the production time and waste.


Nova Trading competitive advantage:


Maintaining the highest quality of bent material surface with tools dedicated to stainless steel and aluminium. Nova Trading S.A. press brakes are used for stainless steel and aluminium sheets bending only and avoid contact with carbon steel - no risk of corrosion.

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