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Announcement regarding the work of Nova Trading during the coronavirus pandemic


Announcement regarding the work of Nova Trading during the coronavirus pandemic


Dear Customer,


Thank you for the confidence you have entrusted us with so far. Please be assured that under current circumstances, because of coronavirus outbreak, it is our priority to maintain continuous supply of goods and high standards of customer services while ensuring safe conditions of work for our personnel.


The following are our objectives:

1/ All company departments will continue their operations as usual with all the necessary precautions taken into account and implemented. The company is in regular contact with the coordinator of the Occupational Health Medical Center consulting any issues related to preventive measures reducing the risk of exposure to coronavirus.

2/ New rules and precautions for drivers transporting goods to/from Nova Trading S.A. and for our personnel have been implemented, thus increasing their safety and reducing the risk of COVID-19.

3/ Nova Trading S.A. constantly has at its disposal a comprehensive stock of materials (currently over 20k tons of stainless steel and aluminium materials in stock), which is enough for many weeks of uninterrupted deliveries to our customers.

4/ We continue the suppliers’ diversification process, thus ensuring the planned stock levels are maintained at required high quality.

5/ We have our own fleet and additionally have for years cooperated with large, tested carriers despite the current difficulties in transportation, to continue uninterrupted collection of the ordered materials and effective supply of products to our customers.

6/ In order to arrange for smooth completion of orders and to reduce delivery times, at the beginning of 2020 we launched another facility of Nova Metale Sp. z o.o. It boosted our production capacity by 60%; on this occasion you are once again encouraged to learn more about our new offer and start cooperation with Nova Metale. Nova Trading Sales Department provides customer service for this company.


We also acknowledge that the offers we have received from a number of suppliers have recently included a clause stipulating that the delivery dates depend on the regulations imposed by authorities in connection with the outbreak of coronavirus. Some of the manufacturers/suppliers of the materials offered by Nova Trading S.A. gave us a notice saying they would limit or even temporarily stop their production, which only makes it more difficult to accomplish the above objectives. Luckily, the restrictions do not affect transportation of goods and owing to our diversified base of suppliers in order to maintain save stock levels. If the situation continues we hope to be able to proceed with deliveries as usual and with no major obstacles. However, as any other business, we have no influence over external factors that are beyond our control. Nonetheless, we assure you that under these challenging circumstances we will do our best and we will continue making every effort to ensure the safety of our deliveries to our customers.


We are aware of the fact that the recipients of our products and services are often companies producing equipment for strategic areas of the economy, such as food industry, agricultural industry, production of equipment for hospitals, etc.  We feel obligated to our clients and provide them with a reliable source of material supplies.



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